Table for One: Part I

There was so much anticipation. My group text with my coworkers at work was blowing up, “Where are you heading to this summer?” I kept refreshing my work email until an email from my supervisor popped up.

“You’re going to Fort Gordon, Georgia for twelve weeks.”

I was thinking to myself, “WHERE IS THAT?” I was finishing up my temporary duty (the military’s version of a business trip) in Norfolk, Virginia when I got the news of my next assignment. It was February at the time and I wouldn’t leave for Georgia for another five months. I asked my fellow coworkers if anyone else was getting sent to the same place as me and became anxious as I figured out that I was going to be alone for the entire twelve weeks.

Upon figuring out where in the world Augusta, Georgia was, I got excited about being able to go to a place I’ve never been to before. As it got closer to summer, I started to plan all the places I wanted to visit in Georgia and South Carolina since Augusta sat on the border of both states…Savannah, Charleston, Hilton Head…I was going to spend my summer in a city that had an average temperature of 90 in the summer. I was not ready for the heat…or being there on my own.

I anticipated that the drive from Virginia to Georgia would be the most difficult part of the twelve weeks since I’ve never driven very far without my family. The drive was actually the easiest part…the hardest part was adjusting. I checked into my new workplace then after orientation I checked into the place I would stay at for the summer. I was overwhelmed. It was 105 degrees on my first day, I had to unpack my 4Runner that was packed to the brim, and I was exhausted from driving 450 miles. I didn’t even unpack one bag before I laid on my bed and passed out for a couple of hours.

The first few nights were the hardest. Between figuring out a new work schedule, getting lost on my way to work, and barely eating from all the stress…I was worn out the first week. I already needed a vacation that first week. None of my friends were anywhere near Georgia and my brother was just starting grad school in North Carolina so I had nobody to persuade to go on a road trip with me. I opened my Google Maps app and started to enter different cities in Georgia and South Carolina, opened my Marriott app and searched for the cheapest hotel deals…then I stumbled across a hotel in Savannah that is usually $350/night for $120. I guess it was a last minute deal so I booked it immediately. I set an alarm for 6AM and the next morning I would be on my way to Savannah and Tybee Island on my first solo trip of #Summer16

To be continued…


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