Guest Post: Dear 2018

Dear 2018 you,

This year I challenge you to be optimistic, to be open minded, to welcome a new objective in in your life…to realize that the only certain thing in life is that you will die. Nothing is permanent!  Even though you may feel that way, things will change.  There is a light and the end of the tunnel.  Use 2018 as that time to light up that tunnel.  You may not be where you want to be but no one ever is.  Life is full of highs and lows!  Sometimes everything seems to be going as planned and then we received a right hook from Mike Tyson himself and all the sudden it’s a downward spiral.  Now there you are…on the floor, down for the count and you just want to throw in the towel of self-loathing, complaining, and stressing.  Trust me I’ve been there.

Unfortunately, that’s life sweetheart. It isn’t about what has happened to you, it’s how you choose to look at what has happened.  Your outlook is where the power lies, so I challenge you in 2018 to always look for the silver lining and to always believe there is a greater good at work because there is.  Just like Steve Jobs said, “You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something – your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever.”  Trust that it will all fall in sooner or later.

I live each day by a quote by Padre Pio is “Pray, hope, and don’t worry.” I pray for what I want, I hope that the work I put in yields me return, and finally I just don’t worry because I’ve done all I could do.  When you live like this, it is truly relieving.  What 2017 has taught me for 2018 is to take risks. Not taking a risks feels way worse than the worst outcome of taking a risk!  In 2018 shoot your shot, I may not always swoosh in but there is a backboard too.  😉




I haven’t written a New Years resolution list in years and now I think it is time to re-evaluate what my priorities are going to be. In college, I focused on being a student-athlete striving for a high GPA and trying to get into the top boat on the rowing team. My life consisted of getting A’s, making it to practice everyday, working out, and having a social life. If only life could be that easy as an adult right? Now that I’m in the latter end of my 20s, I need to change my focus on what is right for me at the moment. Here are some of my New Years Resolutions:

-Self Care: Lately, I’ve seen a lot of debate about the definition of self-care. For some, self-care consists of chocolates and bubble baths, and for others its mediation or going on a run. I think a little bit of both can be good for you! I’m going to try to take a couple of minutes a day in the morning to meditate and relax. On the weekends, I’m going to free up my time instead of constantly filling up my schedule so I have time to wind down from the workweek.

-Exercise: I have plenty of time to work out before and after work, but I need more motivation to get to the gym. I’m going to find a workout buddy and take group classes like SoulCycle to motivate me. I also signed up a half marathon in March to help me stay accountable on my goals. Running used to be so fun for me and now I’m going to try to get back into it again.

-Health: I was on my parent’s health insurance until I turned 26 so going to the doctor was never on my dime. Now that I’ve had my own health insurance for a year, I know the real costs of going to the doctor. This leads back to self-care, because I need to stress less, drink more water, and actually get eight hours of sleep. I used to stress out so much that I would only get five hours of sleep because my mind was spinning until 12am. My goal is to be kind to my body and sleep eight hours minimum a night.

-Social Media: I’m going to cut back on social media and focus on myself. On New Year’s Day, I deleted my Facebook app on my phone and I was surprised about how much time I spent just scrolling down my timeline looking at other people’s lives. I’m going to reach out to people by calling/texting the more often as compared to interacting with them with “likes” on social media platforms. I’m keeping a few of my social media accounts but I’m going to use them for a positive platform and not let it decide how I feel.

-Learn: I’m always up for learning new skills so I’m going to dedicate some time to re-learning some languages, reading more books, and trying to cook new things. I also want to visit new cities and meet new people. I’ve traveled more in the past two years than I have in my life and it’s been such a great experience.

-Positivity: This year is going to be dedicated to only being around positive people. The past year I spent a lot of time trying to change people and thinking that it was okay to be around so much negativity. On New Year’s Eve I went through my phone and deleted a lot of numbers. I had to finally cut out of the people who were no longer good to me…it hurt but it was needed. I want to start the new year with the right people in my life.

What are some of your New Years resolutions and how are you going to accomplish them?

Happy New Year!